Custom-made suits

A suit is like a good wine, the layperson will find it good enough; only a connaisseur will be able to discern the balance, tannins and roundness that makes it high quality.

To be able to compare it, one must know it. Thus, Valorens offers different levels of finishings – plus a broad selection of noble fabrics – from semi-custom made to bespoke workmanship.

If you need a suit right away, that means it’s already too late!

Custom-made shirts

As with suits, summarizing a shirt by just the quality of its fabric would be too reductive.

First because making a beautiful shirt requires more complex manufacturing than is visible but also because we don’t expect the same performance and drape from a shirt intended for a weekend, a gala or simply an intense day at work.

Custom-made trousers

Having a pair of perfectly-cut trousers insures that you will have style in any circumstances.

High-waisted, cuffed, with or without pleats, relaxed, contemporary, with a tuxedo stripe or simply for everyday wear, Valorens’ trousers can be adapted to any occasion.

You can then personalize your custom-made trousers based on your style to make your wardrobe authentic and unique.